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All is fair in love and war

The biggest epic “The Mahabharat” was composed by the sage Ved Vyasa. Here is a story from the epic to explain the given proverb.

The Mahabharat war was at its peak. The Pandavas were trying to overthrow Kaurav’s supreme commander that is Bhismapitamah

“How can we beat such a strong force.” Asked Yudhishthir. “Have faith in your fighting skill. ” Said, Lord Krishna. He suggested a plan to the Pandava. ” See, Bhishm won’t fight with Shikhandi nor will he attack at him as Shikhandi is a eunuch. So, let Shikhandi lead our men against the old warrior.”

The plan worked exactly the way Pandava thought. Bhishm held back all his weapons and Pandavas could overpower him easily. Then guru Dronacharya became the supreme commander of the Kaurav’s army. Pandavas were again in big trouble. “How can we defeat Kaurav then?” Asked Yudhishthir, the eldest brother of Pandavas to Lord Krishna.

“We can always find a way out,” Lord Krishna said. He again suggested a plan to Yudhishthir. ” The whole world knows you never tell a lie. If you agree we can beat Dronacharya easily”

“We would get hold of an elephant and name it Ashwasthama after the son of Dronacharya asks Bheem to kill it. Then announce Ashwasthama has been killed” said Krishna

“No, that would be a lie,” said Yudhishthir.

Krishana said that it wouldn’t be a lie as Yudhishthir would add the word “elephant”. Drums would be beaten so loudly that Dronacharya should hear only first two words. And the loss of his son would make Dronacharya lose his interest in the battle. Thus we would be able to overpower him.

Yudhishthir reluctantly agreed to the plan. It was carried out and Pandavas thus got rid of the two major obstacles in their path of victory.

True to the word “Everything is fair in love and war”

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