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Never a Quisling be

Meaning of the proverb : Be true to your group clan or nation. Don’t be traitor. Don’t sell yourself and your people for money or power, to the enemy.   The proverbs “Never a Quisling be” came from the backdrop of the second World War. Here, Quislings are termed as the enemy within (traitor). It is originated from Norway used in Scandinavian language. 

“Never a Quislings be” has alternative proverbs too, they are:-

  •  Don’t be snake in the grass”
  • “Snake under the grass”
  • Don’t be a double cross.” 

Source of the Story:-I have cued  a story from the great epic The Ramanya to make the proverbs clear. I hope this would help you.

Indian mythology has a story of the Rama. While he was on his exile he had to take on the demon called Ravan. Ravan was the King of Lanka and abducted Sita,Rama’s wife.

Vibhishan ,Ravan’s younger brother was against his brother’s deed and tried to protest him. He kept telling Ravan to return Ram’s wife for the sake of Lanka. This made Ravan extremely angry with him. He humiliated his brother in public and expelled him from his Lanka. Vibhishan was shattered at his brother’s behaviour .

In the Ramayana, Vibhishan was also known for his strong belief in Rama’s righteous deed and following his path. The dispel prompted Vibhishan to join Rama.

When the battle started between Rama and Ravan and went for many days together, Rama found it very hard to kill Ravan as he was blessed with life in his navel. None but vibhishan knew the secret of Ravan. Since Vibhishan was now with Rama he disclosed the secret to Rama. Having known the secret Rama was able to kill Ravan and release Sita.

Vibhishan gave timely tips to Rama hence Rama killed Ravan exactly the way narrated by Vibhishan and Vibhishan became the king of Lanka.

Though Vibhishan got his price by helping Rama , his name stands for a traitor today.

as they say in Hindi “Ghar ka bhedi Lanka Dhaye” Whosoever betray one’s family or clan he is still called “VIBHISHAN” here.

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